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Navigating is much easier in the twenty-first century. Unlike our ancestors, we have digital technology that allows us to access maps and navigational tools that aid us when traveling. Garmin is one of the leaders in this field. Us based company that provides devices that aid navigation not only for the automotive industry but also aviation, marine and even develops personal fitness taking wearables. It is a trusted company and so is the technology.


The importance of getting your Garmin Map updated

We all have experienced our navigational guide asking us to take a turn that has been temporarily closed due to construction work. There sometimes seem to a new road that is not visible on the map or a building in place of a road shown on the map.

Many such situations arise, not because Garmin is faulty but rather that the individual using the device was not prompt to get their map up to date. It is essential that a user gets their Garmin map download, only then can the service offered to them be as efficient as possible.

How to update your Garmin

To ensure one gets the most authenticate update, it is advisable to get the updates directly from the Garmin website. Around the year, Garmin releases official updates several times and can be trusted to be accurate and up to date. Several websites are there that offer Garmin support like


How to avail free updates

There are several ways to get free updates for your Garmin device. The first way is to download the limited but free maps offered at the Garmin website itself. These maps are free of cost and are easily available on the Garmin website. The user needs to follow simple steps that will guide him to downloading and installation of the new map on the Garmin device. This is one way to get your free Garmin updates. Another way to make sure your navigation is up to date and accurate, individuals can access Open Source Markets (OSM). At such open source markets, users can download several Garmin map updates. Although going through an unofficial channel might affect your warranty.

Garmin Express

This is an official Garmin product, a software that allows you to manage all your Garmin devices. The steps are simple, begin with downloading the software on your computer. One done, connect your Garmin device with the USB to your computer and follow the prompts to register your device. This now is your portal from where you can manage, download and install all the latest available updates.


Still unclear? Benefit from Garmin support

Some individuals might still find the process too cumbersome or just may not have the time to understand and execute the entire navigation update process. That is when map update comes into the picture. They offer Garmin support to all their customers at a time efficient manner and charge prices that are fair and in accord with the market. One can use their professional assistance to ensure they never are lost due to an outdated map.

How to Update a GPS

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One-Time Update

Garmin releases new maps on a yearly basis to accommodate the changing roads. Garmin recommends that you update your maps in any event once every year so your device has the newest routes, streets and POIs. You can buy a one-time update, called the nuMaps Onetime update, each year the maps change in price depending on your Garmin model. At the season of distribution, many maps cost as little as $49.99, while others may cost up to $99.99.

Lifetime Updates

If you plan to keep your Garmin device for several years, consider purchasing a lifetime maps plan. This plan, called nuMaps Lifetime, permits you to download the latest maps up to four times per year for the life of your device. Lifetime maps can save you hundreds of dollars over several years, although the initial cost is higher than a single map update. At the time of publication, a nuMaps Lifetime plan costs $89.99. After you pay this fee, you won't need to buy a map for your device again.

New Map Guarantee

Garmin offers a nuMaps Ensure for their Nuvi, Zumo and Dezl models. If a new map update is released within 90 days after you purchase your device, the nuMaps Guarantee allows you to install the update for free. To find out if your device is eligible, enter your serial number on the Garmin nuMaps Guarantee Web page. You can also connect your device to the computer and visit the Garmin Map Updates page.


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