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Get Free Updates for Garmin Maps: Choose among LMT and OSM


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Get Free Updates for Garmin Maps: Choose among LMT and OSM

There are varieties of ways to get the navigation updated. Knowing roads have become quite easy today. The GPS updates are needed to know the actual status of the roads. Are you using a GPS device while driving your car? Do you have GPS installed on your smartphones? Sometimes, they may not give the correct result. Do you know why? The reason is due to lack of Garmin map update. Some of the folks may not know that there are no such charges for regular updates. Rather, it will be absolutely free.

Garmin maps update with TomTomGarmin maps

TOMTOM is a navigation system where you can get free maps updates. The process can be initiated from either the home option or MyDrive. But, for the update with this navigation system, you need to have TomTom device. You can now connect the same to your Mac device or your computer. The users must download and then install to get the latest update. We have experts to help you out with the free Garmin update. You can either call us up or simply email us. You can get free GPS service 24 hours in a day. Even we work 7 days in a week.

How to get free updates for Garmin Nuvi?

Considering you have Garmin Nuvi with your device, do you update it on regular basis? If not, this is the high time. You must definitely update it to get all the details of roads. You can access and reach to steeper roads. We will discuss two ways of updating free maps for Garmin:

  • LMT– LMT means LifeMaps and Traffic. People with such devices can easily get free maps for a lifetime. First of all, you have to get the GPS from it. The next step is visiting the Garmin website and registers the same. You can then get an account of your home. Naturally, you get all types of latest updates for maps. All these will be absolutely free.
  • Garmin Satnav– Another option in front of you with the map updating is through the Garmin Satnav option. Sometimes some of the folks may not wish to spend on life maps and traffic. In such a situation, Garmin Satnav will be a great idea. OSM or the open source make will be the best solution. This will be absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything for the process of updates. There is a step by step process as under.
  • Visit the OSM website at first
  • You will get an option called map. Here you have a variety of maps option.
  • Select the suitable one from the list.
  • You also need to select your country or continent.
  • There is an option called, manual selection box. You have to enable the same.
  • Now you can drag and mouse and choose the selection.
  • Then press download map. This will easily complete the download activity.
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