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How to update freely your Garmin GPS Map

free garmin gps map

Garmin GPS

How to update freely your Garmin GPS Map

Garmin Map freeIf you are missing some locations or important landmarks on your Garmin device, then maybe it’s time for an update. It is possible that you could face some difficulty in even navigation if you don’t have updated maps on your device.

Garmin Map Update is made available for the Garmin device owners from time to time. These updates are provided through internet download and are available on Garmin official website.

Garmin Gps Map Update should be exclusively downloaded from the Garmin website only because otherwise your device could go corrupt.

Lifetime map updates –

These map updates are available for a lifetime and you will get all the important updates. There is no need of paying for anything once you have purchased a device with maps.

This should be kept in mind that these updates are exclusively provided for the device which you have bought. There are some other premium packages also which have some other international locations in it.

How to Download Garmin map update?

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official Garmin website and check your device for update by entering your device’s serial number.
  2. Now that you know there is an update available, you have to download the update application for your computer.
  3. Maps are updated from a computer only and your Nuvi device should be connected with a USB cord.
  4. Once your application is installed on your computer then, run it and start the download process of the update file.
  5. These updates will be installed the application only.
  6. There should be enough space available on your Nuvi device, otherwise, the update will be cancelled.
  7. Now check your device for the update.

Garmin global positioning system (GPS) maps are used all over the globe,e and these maps will also help you when you go abroad and use them in some foreign country.


There are several instructions which are provided by Garmin maps when you need them the most. There are some tough to understand split routes which are explained with the help of animations.

Navigation of Garmin maps is very interactive and interesting, unlike the other maps. There are users who only prefer Garmin maps for navigation and this shows what kind of trust, Garmin has earned from the customers.

Garmin maps make the normal boring roads interesting for you. These maps are like a trustworthy companion for us all.

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    Update your maps to ensure you have the most accurate data available for your Garmin device.

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