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Navigating can be a troublesome aspect of any journey once you travel outside your local area. Devices like the TomTom GPS device certainly allow you to travel in all places as though you were a local. However, roads around the world change almost fifteen percent annually. New roads are made, old ones are closed, sometimes there are building in places where your TomTom device says there should be a road. This usually means that your TomTom GPS device has outdated maps and hence your inability to access the full features of the device effectively.

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The benefits of keeping you TomTom GPS map updated

By updating your TomTom GPS device, you can better functionality of the GPS device. An updated TomTom Maps ensure that the performance of your device is smooth and consistent. Furthermore, it is best to update the maps for your TomTom device to get the current traffic information and real-time updates about the road you are traveling on.

Several roads are renamed and changes made, it is not only time efficient but also effective to have updated maps installed in your TomTom GPS device. Also, the TomTom device has several features that aid a traveler such as updates about restaurants and business on the way and more. In order to benefit from all features and ensure their smooth functionality, it is always advisable to have your TomTom GPS device installed with updated maps.

How to update TomTom Maps

TomTom allows its users to download latest maps four times a year, that is that users can download updated maps on their TomTom device once per quarter. Users need not worry, TomTom is prompt in informing its customers via email whenever a new update is available. Furthermore, the newer the update is relative to the purchase of the device, the cheaper it is. Yes, it is cost effective to update your maps on the TomTom device.

Issues faced commonly with installing the latest update

In most cases, the simplest solution to fault updates is to just reinstall the given update on your TomTom device. Leave your device connected to the computer and ensure there is an uninterrupted internet connection whilst downloading is required. The safest way to install new maps on TomTom update is through the Mydrive Connect software. It ensures safety, and ease while downloading and installing your latest TomTom map update.

Still don’t get it? Ask for support

There are several services that offer assistance and support with the downloading and installing latest updates for the TomTom GPS device. MapUpdate and such services offer twenty-four seven support. Updating your map becomes as simple as making a call. Not only is it fast but the support they offer is professional and given by experts. Updating maps for the TomTom device is made cost effective also by such services and the personal treatment makes the process less scary for those that fear technology. Update your TomTom, and travel like a local everywhere.

Top 5 TomTom GPS Units and its features

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TomTom GO 5100

Garmin releases new maps on a yearly basis to accommodate the changing roads. Garmin recommends that you update your maps in any event once every year so your device has the newest routes, streets and POIs. You can buy a one-time update, called the nuMaps Onetime update, each year the maps change in price depending on your Garmin model. At the season of distribution, many maps cost as little as $49.99, while others may cost up to $99.99.

TomTom GO 6000

TomTom GO 6000 is a premium sat-nav that’s very hard to fault. Giving the interface a radical new look, the 6-inch widescreen GO 6000 has built-in wireless data, so to you don’t need to partner it with a smartphone. This gives you maps for 45 European countries with lifetime updates and lifetime TomTom Traffic information. It’s ideal for regular commuters and despite missing out on features in previous models, this is a supreme sat-nav for frequent drivers.

TomTom VIA 52

TomTom VIA 52 is a new mid-range sat nav from TomTom. The company’s model options have become a little confusing of late, with the GO brand expanding across a wider array of prices. But the Start brand is making a comeback, and the entry-level GO 51 – which arrived earlier in 2016 – is already seemingly on its way out, with the VIA returning to replace it. The VIA 52 also incorporates TomTom’s voice-command system, which is very effective.


TomTom offers a world traveler edition of some of its navigation GPS devices. The Via 1505 M WTE is one such device. This means that the Via 1505 M WTE comes preloaded with maps of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. This is great for vacationing or for the frequent-flying business professional. The small design and folding mount make it easy to pack away in your luggage.