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Updated: Jan 21

How to update Garmin Map and software?

In order to update map or software of the Garmin device, First of all you should have a USB cable , Device and Computer. You need a USB cable which you got from Garmin.

If you do not have a Garmin USB cable than you can buy new one but you also need to make sure that the cable you are buying that can transfer the data from the computer to Garmin Device otherwise it does not work.

All you need to do is, Connect the device with the computer and Have a look on the Garmin screen, it will show you the picture of Garmin and USB connected with the Computer.

Register your Garmin Device : First you need to register the Garmin Device for that it requires a E-mail address and Phone Number as well as physical address. Type all the information in order to get register the Garmin Device.

Than add a device to the Garmin Software and Check for update. If update is available than click on install all and it will be installed than it will show that Update has been completed and Good to Go.

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